Agelia Efala Brunson
The Creative Force Behind Stem & Posy


I am Agelia Efala Brunson, founder and creative leader of 

Stem & Posy.

As my team's design leader and your creative collaborator, together we can enhance the beauty or completely transform your living, working, or event space. Together we can create more than just a decor, but a beautiful reflection of who you are, that is inspirational, functional, and unique.

I specialize in crafting with flowers. Whether they're live, dried, preserved, or faux, I want my handcrafted floral creations and collections to bring you joy and wonderful memories for years to come.

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I'd Love to Hear From You!

Whether you have questions about my handcrafted floral collections or want to learn more about my personalized wedding alternatives, feel free to reach out. Your inquiries are important to me, and I'm here to assist you every step of the way. Get in touch today!